lundi 28 mai 2007

Get 3D Captures from your video card

Hi everyone,

Just a new and interresting tool from one of my customers.

This customer provides for free a tool to capture directly 3D informations from your video card (just with the F10 key you can perform a 3D capture).

The obtained format is the 3DXML(tm). You can discover the xml format, it's only encrypted in a zip file.

This tool provides captures from DirectX or Opengl.

Here is a sample, i got this file from a 3D space game (a ship) :

Download the player 3DXML and the 3D PrintScreen, after launch a 3D software and capture 3D models ^^
If you want to see your model in the player, selects 3D objets and right-click mouse and 'reframe on'.

Have fun

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